"Like pulling back the drapes in a dark room, Chloe's soulful voice and tender perspective flood the room with love and light...all at once, achingly familiar; fresh and timeless...as always new music from Ms.Albert is well worth the wait!"  - Lionel Rault, CKUA Radio

Come Around Again is a new album from Chloe Albert; an eclectic collection of songs that artfully evoke feelings most of us have felt at some point in recent months: Feelings of yearning, hope, a quiet peace, the comfort of a loved one, determination, and an insistence that, however many trials one may face, there is something worth fighting for.  Musically, the album opens up characteristic strengths, as well as unforeseen facets of Albert’s dexterity, blossoming into something utterly new. Come Around Again reminds us that there are some feelings that can only exist somewhere in the indescribable, in the symbiosis of word and sound, and erupt into their fullest form only when crafted into song.   

Chloe Albert has been a staple in the Edmonton music scene since the release of her debut Canadian Folk Music Award winning album Dedicated State in 2008.  Her sophomore album Dreamcatcher earned her more critical acclaim with a JUNO Award nomination for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year, a Western Canadian Music Award nomination, and multiple Edmonton Music Awards, rooting her as an important figure in the Canadian songwriting landscape.  In the years to follow, Chloe was asked to open for world class artists like K.D. Lang, Lyle Lovett, and has been a repeat performer at the prestigious Edmonton Folk Music Festival.  The wisdom and experience gained from the years leading up to her soon-to-be-released album are evident, as she showcases her adeptness in spanning genre and style. From the dulcet finger-picking that begins Goodbyes to the electric robustness of Die Trying, it is clear Albert is not interested in fitting easily into one simple category; nor are her talents limited to a single sound.  

Throughout her career, Albert has been hailed for her dedication to community and collaborative spirit. Come Around Again fortifies this claim, featuring the title track co-written with Canadian singer-songwriter Danielle Knibbe, whose career also began in Edmonton. Their creative chemistry is palpable in the song’s earworm catchiness and energy: “when you gonna come around again?”, conjuring a likeness to Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer, while reinforcing its jaunty, athletic arrangement from producer Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Simple Plan). Albert features another prominent local artist Rob Heath with a songwriting credit on Prayers Of A Fool, produced by Calgarian Mike Little. But perhaps the most standout collaboration on the album is not a musical one - but a collaboration of the heart. “Ode A Regine” is an instrumental written for Albert’s 93-year old Quebecois grandmother. The song, featuring celebrated Canadian cellist Christine Hanson, fills a room the way the presence of a loved one might, and upon first listen, emanates comfort and familiarity.   

Come Around Again is a profound and playful selection of songs fit to keep one company on a long winter night or a care-free summer drive. To encapsulate the spirit, convey the inner workings of the heart, and reach out into the world to make another feel less alone, is the pursuit of any artist, and Chloe Albert has jubilantly done just that. A special collection of songs for a time in our world when they are so needed. Come Around Again will be released in April 2021.

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