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Chloe Albert: Dream Catcher
Chloe Albert: Dedicated State


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'Chloe's voice has a unique and rich tonal quality, with a natural sense of phrasing that is a pure joy to listen to'

"I'd personally love to hear more of Chloe Albert...she's got a real interesting sound"

"Chloe Albert's solo percussion and vocal performance was in my words- "magical" and changed the night into something that I have not witnessed in a while."

"Chloe Albert's amazingly assured debut album 'Dedicated State'"

"Wow, this girl can sing!"

"In the few years following Chloe Albert's graduation from the music program at Edmonton's Grant MacEwen College, she was kept busy piecing her debut album track by track, line by line, fitting in the writing, recording, arranging and producing in between life and work. This comes across when listening to her first recording, a beautiful gem she calls 'Dedicated State': it is clear that this is a woman who crafts her songs thoughtfully, writes the narratives as a storyteller would, taking her time to piece it together just right."

"...this is a relaxed and carefully composed folk album with a quiet pop sensibility that shines through in songs like 'Firelight' and 'That'll Be The Day'

"Canada has given us a lot of very good singer-songwriters. Chloe Albert is a name we should add to the list.

 [Dedicated State] It's the epitome of a fine singer-songwriter record, with intelligent, literate writing, appealing vocals and very tasteful production and musical arrangements"

Album Review for 'Dream Catcher'

In the realm of confessional folk-rock Albert has a better sense for pop hooks than many of her peers do, and a formula that in a less cluttered landscape would guarantee her radio play.  She's a straight ahead songwriter, prone to uncomplicated displays of happiness (Joy), get-back-up-on-your-feet-and-dust-yourself-off wisdom (Million Reasons, Something Magnificent) and occasional expressions of mild melancholia (Say Goodbye), kind of like a prairie Sheryl Crow.  This is slick, well-crafted stuff, abetted by Stew Kirkwood's deft production and sweet instrumental touches.  - Tom Murray

Juno nominated Canadian Chloe Albert is a prolific multi-instrumental Singer-Songwriter.

With the storytelling ability to rival the great Folk artists, her versatility and bluesy rhythms gives her a rich, authentic sound fitting easily into folk, roots, country, soul and jazz.  Winning awards which include “Emerging Artist of the Year”, “Female Artist of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Most Played Album of the year” plus a Juno nod, Albert’s success is a result of a diligent, hardworking artist with a sincere, irresistible, and easy-going charm.  

Her overarching theme of hope throughout, Albert has a way of projecting buoyancy without it ever coming across as saccharine. A highly collaborative and community-minded artist, Albert has been a working musician for the last decade, actively involved in the Edmonton and Alberta Arts scene. Her next album is scheduled to be released in 2018 and promises to showcase more of Albert's collaborations.